Maryland vs Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided to live his life as a troll. Good for him. I hope he gets the help he needs before they try to run him for President again.

It is unseemly for a governor to decry other states for business reasons. Virtually all of America's corporations are incorporated in Delaware. Does Perry have an answer for that? Why not go after that low-hanging fruit and make it so that companies would actually want to incorporate in Texas. I remember that Austin, Texas used to be a hub for tech companies. How's Dell doing now?

I happen to be a person who moved directly from Texas to Maryland by way of a short stay in the country of South Korea. What a magical time that was. We went from no trees, blasting heat, and few, if any, government services to the place where we still live today. It's not as hot, the trees are way better, and we have a host of services available to us that we didn't have in Texas. Maryland has its problems, but at least--at least--it is not Texas.

Here in Maryland, nobody seems interested in letting a fertilizer plant next to a residential area blow sky high and kill people because, well, Freedom!

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