Kristin Hersh Your Ghost Cover

This is another one of those masterfully done 4AD singles that people just covet and love, not for just the artist or the music but also for how it looks but by the special something found in the thinking that went into making the package. Kristin Hersh put this out and it thunders and moans like a great EP should. The packaging and the presentation is fantastic. This is the beginning of her solo career which will go on forever or for as long as she wants it to go on.

Your Ghost was a killer single, an announcement of things to come. It was Kristin's debut single and featured Michael Stipe in the background. No matter who you are, when you sing with Hersh, you are the background and the window dressing while she occupies the space around. This EP is worth it alone for her cover of When the Levee Breaks.

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