Time to Get a New Marketing Team

This was not edgy or interesting--it was just plain dumb:

The team's (Double-A New Britain Rock Cats) president of marketing, Mike Abramson, said the idea was inspired by a previous proposal. The marketing team wondered what it would be like if the answer happened to be no. 

"We all thought it was a fun idea and was sort of in line with the wacky, edgy things we do to get people interested, to stay relevant," Abramson told CBS Radio affiliate WTIC. 

David and Jessica are actually employees of the team. 

"I did think most people in the audience believed it was fake. The acting, it could have been better, but ultimately we weren't trying to hurt anyone or fool anyone."

The gist of this is, the team faked a wedding proposal in order to create a viral moment that would help market the team. Which plays baseball. I know--don't get too far ahead of things here. It hurts the brain to consider why a declined marriage proposal is the right kind of marketing stunt to pull at a minor league baseball game.

What I think is the most interesting aspect of all of this is that the president of marketing was able to work into the story the notion that everyone was on board with this and everyone thought it was a fun idea. This helps him avoid being held responsible for the fact that it was a half-assed, weird thing to do.

Whatever happened to actually marketing baseball?

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