Syria Is Not Worth One American Life

Given the fact that we are headed for war in Syria, let's establish several things that are not going to be dealt with properly by the media or by bloggers.

First. this is what the neo-conservatives still clinging to power want. They want a change to "get it right" and erase Iraq from the popular mindset. A war with Syria clears the decks and allows them to tarnish a Democrat with a war of choice in the region. This should be avoided at all costs. America should disengage from the region and focus on developing relationships elsewhere.

Second, this would be a chance for John McCain and his lackey, Lindsey Graham, to reclaim stature as it relates to international issues. They cannot deal with their colleagues and domestic issues are beyond their comprehension. The "foreign policy" senators are dwindling because of the rise of the Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio type senators--the know nothings are winning. Let them win the Republican caucus in the Senate. America needs a know-nothing party to break the deadlock and give people a reason to vote.

Third, no one is a "good guy" in Syria. They are all aligned against US interests and against Israel, so why support any of them?

Fourth, there is no United Nations effort to do anything that should concern the United States. Ban Ki-moon is a cipher who is holding down a position with a stature that is dwindling about as fast as that of McCain and Graham.

Fifth, another war of choice will not revitalize our economy because we have a surplus of equipment needed for war. We don't have the people; we have broken our military for a generation. The VA (see the post ahead of this one) can't deal with the Army we have and we are planning to go to war on the cheap with drones, missiles and planes? This will only make things worse, not better. The only legitimate reason to use the military is to destroy and break a foreign army that wears uniforms. We need to build a military that breaks and destroys the enemy and their will to fight. And we need to use that force as sparingly and as rarely as possible. Nation building is not a function of the military; it is something our State Department is welcome to try.

Sixth, starting a war in Syria will export more terrorism, not less, and this will increase the need to continue violating the privacy of Americans because they can't be bothered to stop telling Facebook, Verizon, Google, et al, everything they don't want the government to know.

When it comes to war, at least fight the next one, not the last one. The next war will require boots on the ground that are yanked off the battlefield as soon as American interests are achieved. If you find yourself wanting war, and agreeing with McCain, and believing something that someone in Syria or with the United Nations is telling you, then you are a goddamned idiot. A parade of clowns is stampeding the country into a war. If President Obama falls for this, then he deserves what he will get, which is a legacy of being as stupid as George W. Bush about foreign policy in the Middle East.

America's natural focus should be on Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Why we are getting bogged down in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East is beyond me. America should be developing a clean way to extract oil from the sea and the land and it should be making the finest solar and wind energy products in the world, ones cheap and reliable enough to use everywhere by everyone.

Our priorities are now sex, religion, reproduction, morality and racial issues. These have derailed American industry and innovation. We are in decline precisely because we're not making things people are desperate to buy.

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