Shut Up and Watch the Film

Get over yourself:

There are millions of people for whom the experience of going to the movies in public is expected to be enthusiastic, not monastic? I’m one of them, and I’ve sat among my kind on the opening night of Showgirls (there were two Prince songs in the movie!) and at the debut of the first X-Men movie. 

People who have fun at the movies can make almost any movie better. When the first Transformers movie came out, one of the key moments in the film is the first time the leader of the Autobots transforms in grand fashion from tractor trailer to giant robot, and pronounces “I am Optimus Prime”. At that precise moment, the guy next to me, a grown man in his early 30s, rose to his feet and shouted “YEAH!” while punching his fist in the air. I could see from his sheer emotion that he’d been waiting for this day, to hear this voice say those words, since the moment his stepdad walked out on his mother. This was catharsis. This was truly cinematic.

Going to a movie, a show, or a performance is a communal experience. You, and a collective group of other people, are there to watch something happen. You are not there to participate when it comes to film; you are there to watch and shut the fuck up.

This is not like going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, which, as a communal event, evolved into a situation where everyone could participate because it was with the consent of everyone there. This is where you, as a member of society, give up your right to ruin things for others so that all may enjoy.

When you enter society, and interact with other people, you do not have the right to ruin their enjoyment of the film by hooting and hollering and acting like you don't know how to behave. If you think you are correct, then do what you did in the movie theater in a restaurant and see how that works out for you. Nobody in the movie theater is there to watch or hear how the cinematic experience affects you; they are there for their own personal experience and you should not infringe upon that in any way, shape or form. And nobody wants to see you act like a fool over a plate of spaghetti, either.

Shut. the. Fuck. Up.

Watch. the. Film.

It's really not that hard to understand. 

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