Poison in the Air

The business situation with New Order, and the people who make up that group, is rather poisonous right now and this will keep a lot of unreleased material off the market for a while. They all need to get in a room, hash it out, and find a way to divide things evenly and fairly.

Part of the problem is how Tony Wilson left Factory Records and part of the problem is old age. People get stubborn about things, and when you let a misunderstanding flourish into something else, well, what you get is a blow up and a ten year break from constructive engagement. Or more.

If there is anything on the Adamson tapes that has any real value, New Order is not the only band we're talking about here--the Psychedelic Furs also have material that was found. This is not insignificant, and it might well be a vast treasure trove of material. Box set anyone?

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