Hating On the Opening Act

Salon tried to make this article about white people being confused about a black artist; this is more about hating the opening act than anything else. Yeah, there are some racial elements here but it is more about elitism in music than being confused about what is, and what is not, "twerking."

Opening acts are going to suck no matter what (unless you find that rare gem out there, which is usually an up and coming band).

There are several opening acts that I have absolutely been angry about being forced to deal with. Mr. Big was the worst opening act I've ever seen. What was that hair metal shit? The Rainmakers were boring and useless as an opening act. No one is clamoring for a Rainmakers reunion tour, obviously. I think the very first concert I ever saw and the very first artist I have ever seen play live is Gary Moore, who, in retrospect, was pretty awesome to be able to go see. The two best opening acts were Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody and Pixies.

Yes, Pixies were once an opening act. They were fantastic. Black Francis and Joey Santiago destroyed a guitar, just because they could. They were not as good as Love and Rockets, however.

When I saw Sting play back in the early 1990s, he had one man act Minx open for him. Minx dealt with the situation thusly: he sang "I'm dreaming of a white...girlfriend." Everyone laughed and enjoyed his performance. Tension eliminated.

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