Forever 21 Sticks it to Their Employees

Companies like this remind me of how awful things are going to get before the country starts to accept the fact that Obamacare went through multiple iterations and was severely watered-down before it ever became the law of the land.

This is wingnuttery, plain and simple, and the people who get hurt are the ones who need health insurance and health care coverage the most. This means they will become more dependent on emergency rooms and emergency care, thus making health care more expensive, not less expensive.

They are passing the buck on to the taxpayers. A company like Forever 21 has accountants to help them pay as little tax as possible, of course, thus making the government do more with less. This is a strategy, and it is designed to make government fail to take care of people, and then make people hate government. When they hate the government, they're too busy ignoring the fact that they should be hating the shortsighted beancounters at Forever 21.

Our so-called business elites are frauds and fools.

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