Bonuses and Mediocrity

This story is not generating enough attention or outrage. The Veteran's Administration is virtually paralyzed by poor leadership, incompetent management, and widespread entitlements. Scores of managers and directors are raking in bonuses for doing very little to solve the problems that modern veterans are facing.

If your performance was this bad, you'd have been fired long ago. That's how it should be with the VA. And yet, they're paying out massive bonuses. Who, in their right mind, would give a man a $62,000 bonus or service award for presiding over a hospital that covered up an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease?

It is unthinkable. And yet, this is how we're doing things. Nothing ever changes with the VA except the numbers, and they're always going up in favor of the status quo and the people who are doing nothing for veterans.

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