You Have to Fight to Get Paid

This article reveals a universal truth--no one wants to actually have to pay for music. No one wants to let artists have money for what they create. Everyone says they want to "pay" for music but they refuse to pay what it is worth. Spotify are no different than any other failed idea of the 2000s. Music cannot be free because a decade and then some of free has left artists with nothing to show for their efforts.

If there is an exceedingly bad business model out there, someone like Spotify will try to refine it and make it worse. There are still a few more coins to shake out of the music industry before it dies.

Oh, and it should be noted--why do you have to pay $49.99 for a video game? Why aren't video games free? Why doesn't the video game industry go with Spotify and pay video game makers nothing for something?

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