Phish Actually Sucks

So, for the second night in a row, we've been treated to the meanderings of Phish, who are playing Merriwether Post Pavillion. This second show seems to be going on well past the usual stop time for shows. I don't think anyone really cares. Who are you going to call? Is Howard County going to send a deputy out there to pull cords out of sockets? Are they making as many drug arrests this year as the last time? Who cares. As in, who cares without the question mark added.

All I can say is, wow. That's a band that knows some scales. There are no words to describe the onslaught of sounds and how aimless and pointless it sounds. The music is a little louder than it normally is for shows here--the heavy metal acts that played earlier this summer were quieter.

Phish represents one of those paths I never took in the early 1990s. A lot of people jumped on that wagon and trailed off into jam band hell. After eleven minutes or so, I think you need to move on or do something else. Jeebus.

I don't care if they can play. I don't care what they play. This is a part of the culture that means nothing to me and I can't wait to move a little farther away from Merriwether.

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