Had to Put a Rug Underneath Her

The collapse of Noel Gallagher's little brother's personal life is going to fill up a lot of space between now and whenever things "cool down." Liam Gallagher recently launched the promotional tour for Beady Eye's new album BE and it couldn't have gotten off on stranger footing if he and his bandmates had tried.

This is tabloid stuff--the kind of thing the British consume very easily--and it is going to bring a lot of attention to Gallagher and his band. Will it lead to sales? Will people show up for the gigs? Will it be a good thing for Gallagher to be splashed all over the press having this kind of a meltdown?

It couldn't hurt, I would think. But if I was Andy Bell, I'd be thinking about whether or not getting Ride back together would be a way to get through next summer.

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