Egypt Flies Apart Again

The everyday misery of life in Egypt has brought this revolution; this is not about democracy or Western values or a desire amongst cab drivers in Cairo to be like the Founding Fathers. This is about a people who are sick and tired of being poor, underfed, and divided by the religious fanatics and the military. This is about institutional neglect and kleptomaniacs and a highly educated elite that hasn't been allowed to participate in the living, breathing society that is Egypt.

Whatever happens, we won't understand it and we won't call it by the right name and it will confound us and disappoint us because no one--no one--really wants anything other than to be left alone to subsist at a level above what they are currently living on in Egypt.

Where's John Kerry? Should we even expect an American Secretary of State to be involved in any meaningful way in an international incident like this? Given that the State Department has been gutted for decades, what possible impact could Kerry have?

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