Widebody Slapface

This is a still image that has been resting in the celebrity disaster archives for a while now. The policeman on the left is taking a statement or evaluating the widebody slapface on the right who, with his bandaged wrist and forearm, looks all lost and forelorn.

Before you boo hoo for my boy up there, please note that he is a paparazzi who has been injured by a celebrity who drove normally and bounced off of him, thinking he was a traffic cone, or by a maniac behind the wheel.

Today's paparazzi are shells of their former selves. They are simpering idiots who "flatter" the celebrities they are following and try to be their equal or their "buddy." When you watch the celebrity videos that appear on TMZ, you see them, trying to be helpful to the celebrities they are stalking and following.

Remember that most of them look like this fellow, a t-shirt wearing idiot who was photographed faking his injuries because he may have believed that he could sue a celebrity and make some money. Lawyers in the entertainment industry tear these people to shreds every day, just after breakfast, churning out court cases and precedents that are rendering modern celebrity a field day for anyone who can rise above the level of being a pathetic fraud.

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