Who Are These People?

I'm beginning to think that all of the events surrounding Edward Snowden are a magical laugh factory designed to entertain us with absurd jokes:

The proposal was laid out in a letter, dated Thursday and obtained Friday by CNN's "Amanpour," addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder and written by Bruce Fein, a Washington-based lawyer for Snowden's father, Lonnie G. Snowden. 

It demands that the former National Security Agency computer contractor who exposed details about U.S. surveillance programs remain free prior to trial; not be subject to a gag order; and be tried in a place of his choosing. 

It further demands that, if any of those promises is broken, the prosecution would be dismissed.

Let's say that it was China from which Snowden had stolen classified information. Let's say that Snowden lied to the Chinese government, used a security clearance that they gave him, and then coordinated his efforts with foreign journalists to expose what the Chinese government was doing to its people.

Now imagine Snowden's daddy telling the Chinese exactly what conditions are permissible for him to go back to China and undergo a trial.

Let that sink in for a moment. Snowden's father thinks his son will come back to America if everyone just forgets what he did because, you know, stuff and all that. Jeeeeeeeee-zus.

These people are nuts. I don't know who's crazier--Snowden, Greenwald, the ballerina girlfriend, Crazy Uncle Liberty, Julian Assange, the people defending Snowden, his daddy--they're all crazy. I mean, what the hell is going on here?

At first I thought Snowden was merely someone trying to be someone rather than actually do something; now I think he's just some idiot, running around and pretending he knows where the Holy Grail is hidden.

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