Turkey is Coming Apart

Turkey is a massive country, in both size and population, and it has a highly educated and sophisticated people. There are Turks living all over Europe, and they were my neighbors in Germany. They were everyone's neighbors in Germany, actually, and the events that are happening there are going to be felt all throughout Europe.

NATO is an extremely important thing to remember in any situation with regards toTurkey; how much of this will the NATO countries tolerate and how much secularism will the people demand?

This is all about the intersection of freedom and tolerance and secularism against fundamentalism. Mix in the fact that this culture was founded on the modern basis of anti-fundamentalism and on the bedrock of secularism, and it is easy to see why we should be paying attention. The fundamentalists probably enjoy seeing a "Westernized" woman being assaulted by the riot police; the secularists are, rightly, appalled. Who will win? The rule of law or the morals of people who think women deserve what they get when they stand too close to the tear gas canisters?

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