This is an Interesting Way to Promote a New Album

Liam Gallagher is still operating under the impression that he was an "equal" in Oasis to his brother. In point of fact, Oasis was a band that did not operate with everyone being an "equal" and Noel Gallagher made all of the critical decisions and controlled what went on the albums. He may not have cared about who did interviews, but the music was his responsibility. He allowed the others to contribute songs, and that allowed him to preserve some of the peace in the band. Liam was the one who usually broke the peace, and this would happen whenever Noel provoked him. Theirs is the most intense sibling rivalry of the last 25 years in rock music, more intense than the Reid brothers in the Jesus and Mary Chain but just as destructive.

For Liam to move on, he has to stop obsessing over Oasis. He has to let it go. Unfortunately, he is still under the impression that Noel will put up with him and I don't think he will anymore.Noel has enough money and he isn't going to stand on a stage with the three original members of Oasis not named Gallagher because he, rightly, believes that that ship has sailed.

For some reason, being in a band with Andy Bell and Gem Archer does not make him happy. For some reason, being Liam Gallagher isn't enough. It should be, but it isn't and we're going to be treated to this continuous public meltdown for months and years to come.

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