Since When do Civil Libertarians Make Threats?

Tech bloggers are already blowing apart the story of what has been leaked, and they are comparing the original versions of the story to what we now know, and at the center of this is Glenn Greenwald. The story has become a tiger, and no one wants to let go of the tail. He has moved beyond being a mere advocate for civil liberties and he is publicly engaging government officials and taunting them over his Twitter thread. He is making threats and charges for which he does not appear to have any evidence beyond spending years looking at every worst possible scenario. He may have everything right, but what he has is less important than the story itself, which is his own involvement with a man who went to Hong Kong because he thought his own government was a monster.

What's happening here? Who's really in danger? People like Greenwald consider themselves experts on things they have never actually seen. Has Greenwald ever held a clearance? Would anyone give him one? The only way to determine who has been harmed with regards to these disclosures is to actually see the results of counter-terrorism operations. If it's all a lie, then someone needs to explain why by using actual evidence.

If the only people who have been harmed are the ones who want to conceal their actions and their wrongdoing, as Greenwald alleges, then why isn't anyone under indictment? Why isn't the Congress demanding action from the Justice Department? Our government loves a scandal, and if there is a real scandal here, there is no shortage of people ready to spring to action and begin the process of looking for a hide to nail to the wall.

You have to attack the enemy where they are, not where they have been. If terrorists hide in the population, and strike when there is complacency and weakness, then why are we surprised to discover that our government is savvy enough to attack the enemy where they are hiding? Wouldn't we demand accountability, results and competence and demand wholesale firings if they weren't actually getting anything done?

It would seem to me that the perfect dodge is to make allegations that can never be proven or fully discredited if your target is the government and the subject is classified material. You can sucker people into thinking you're a genius if you ensure that there's no chance anyone can expose your work by the simple method of dropping the veil over classified information. You can allege anything and never have to say you're sorry because, well, the government always lies.

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