Never Say You Are Sorry

Sean Parker has written an account of the controversy over his wedding that runs around 9,600 words and no where does the word "sorry" appear.

And why should it? Don't like what he did? Go fuck yourself. He has the money and you do not. The law belongs to the rich. The article is exhaustive and comprehensive and delivers a single message to anyone and everyone who might have a problem with anything Parker did: go fuck yourself. And, by the way, he has a slew of public officials lined up who have been bought off so that he can specifically instruct you to go fuck yourself.

Seriously. This level of elitist delusion and crass hubris is the classic example of how a white person's problem has manifested itself into the perfect symbol of this gilded age of ours. If you have money, you spend it specifically in order to make your own reality because go fuck yourself, that's why.

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