Adapt or Else

Smartphones are becoming a new dividing line in American society. Got one? You're fabulous. Don't have one (like me)? You are garbage. Or something along those lines.

I cannot stand small devices; I would rather have ease of use than sit there and tap something, gingerly, with my finger. I would rather spend the money and get a regular desktop computer than get something I can carry in my pocket. The functionality isn't the issue--I know that smartphones can do everything. It's the experience that I don't want to have. I don't want to sit there and fight with a device when I can just use a keyboard (pretty soon, there won't even be desktops or keyboards, and then where will I be?).

It's pretty clear to me that the phone companies weren't ready for the explosion of the smartphone. The networks aren't big enough and the infrastructure isn't there. When you hear about how much trouble people have in urban areas, you have to wonder why anyone would switch at all unless it is a status symbol kind of thing. Real audiophiles didn't stick with cassettes and boomboxes; they kept their vinyl and their turntables. This is how it is with desktop computers. Both are items that are large, clunky, can't be transported, and provide a specific user experience that cannot be replicated by the possession of a miniaturized device.

Oh, and every month I'm not paying over a $140 for a phone I wouldn't want to use is a bonus.

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