You Are Not Going to Mars

What the hell is this about?

A one-way trip to Mars sounds like something you'd wish on your worst enemy — so why would more than 78,000 people from around the world pay up to $75 for a chance to die on another planet? 

"I can say I have an ulterior motive," said David Brin, who has written more than a dozen science-fiction novels — including "The Postman," which was turned into a Kevin Costner movie in 1997. "I'd get a lot of writing done, and it might be memorable."

This cannot be happening. Purely from a common sense standpoint, there's no way we should allow for a "one way trip" to Mars to happen. And here's why.

As soon as the trip is over, everyone is going to start bawling. The unfairness of it all will set in. "I had no idea how wonderful this experience was going to be and NOW I WANT TO LIVE." As soon as the thing happens, and it is time to die on Mars, this whole planet is going to be up in arms, emotionally, about sending a rescue mission. "I just want to live! Please save me!" and all that nonsense.

There are not enough hard hearted people around to tell whoever signed up for their trip to Mars to suck it up. We will end up spending $67 billion dollars to save them and then, when all is said and done, we'll see people being recruited for that one way trip to Jupiter.

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