Who Hired This Man?

John Stortstrom is an avowed white supremacist. And yet, he holds a security clearance and works in a weapons facility. This is the scariest part of the article:

There’s no question that Stortstrom is very much a part of the racist white nationalist scene, as well as an up-and-coming young GOP operative. But it is Stortstrom’s top-security clearance job at the U.S. Army research facility on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland that is really raising eyebrows. 

On its website, the anti-racist organization “One People’s Project”(OPP), which was the first to point out Stortstrom’s activities, put it like this: “See, not only is he vice-president of a Republican Party club that curiously was comfortable enough with Heimbach that he was invited to speak at one of their meetings, but his job — his actual bread winning profession — is making things that explode!” 

Stortstrom’s work for the military, OPP added, puts him in contact with chemical weapons and explosives. The group’s site carries a photo of Stortstrom with the caption, “Engineer. Republican. Racist. Military bomb maker.”

Unbelievable. Have the standards fallen that much? You can now openly declare yourself a racist and associate with hate groups and still work in a cleared facility?

Oh, and there are still Republicans in Maryland? That's probably the most difficult aspect of the story to believe.

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