Stone Temple Pilots: Still Lame After All These Years

The ongoing soap opera that is Stone Temple Pilots ran over another speedbump recently when three members of the band sued one member of the band.

Why these lame holdouts from the worst excesses of the 1990s just don't go away is beyond me. There has been so much drama surrounding these clowns from the moment they burst onto the scene by taking advantage of the fact that people wanted to hear more Pearl Jam. They'll never go away. They'll never stop trying to milk what little they were able to accomplish twenty years ago.

Scott Weiland will plague us for another fifty years with his bullshit. All of the drug stories, all of the excesses, all of the fights and anguish. These are just attention-getting devices that mask a creative desert that ran dry a long time ago. And the other three, whoever the hell they still are, will continue to think that they are some sort of creative or commercial force in popular American music. How they could refer to themselves as "one of America's most popular rock bands" is a mystery in and of itself.

Just because people decide to go and see you doesn't mean you can claim a special legal status when suing the guy who constituted more of your band than you are prepared to admit. This is why lead singers have a disproportionate share of a band's reputation; this is why no one cares when the drummer and the bass player join up with the guitar player and try to find someone else to sing. It's a gimmick to keep making money, not music.

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