Radiohead Street Spirit EPs One and Two

Radiohead released a slew of singles in the mid-1990s, and then they all but gave up on the single, preferring to release albums that were difficult and layered well beyond their "guitar oriented" period. That's a shame because they could have kept putting out singles like this and it would have marked a continuation of tremendous artistic success.

Street Spirit was a curious choice for a single; it doesn't have a hook so much as it soars with Tom Yorke's voice and the tension that cuts underneath it. What's even more surprising is that they dumped a load of B-sides with a double release and ensured that fans would snap these up. I have them and they are wonderful releases. The art is typical of that period--distorted video images as a commentary on commercialism and kitsch, and the typical shot of light from a destination point. They're not awful. They just represent an era when a band could put out a double single of a song that no one would consider a likely choice for a release.

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