Nobody Wants to Hire Veterans

These stories are supposed to make people feel good about what they're not really doing. And where have I heard this term "toolbox" before?

Finding jobs for Veterans is a fool's errand. Hiring a Veteran means that an employer can claim certain state and Federal tax credits. In many cases, the Veteran is hired to meet a corporate quota, is placed in the wrong job for as little salary as possible, and either ends up quitting or being fired. In rare cases, the right person gets the right job and adapts to a corporate culture that would never have been available to that Veteran in the civilian world.

Either you have the skills or you don't; hiring a Veteran is the noble cause of our time, but, in reality, a lot of them are being thrown out of the military because the enlistment standards were greatly relaxed at the height of the Iraq War. Now that these soldiers are being given the boot, there is an active effort underway to find them some sort of employment. This is like sending C-students to college. Sure, you'll have people who will persevere. But a lot of them are not going to find what they're looking for.

You cannot build a company based on charitable hiring practices. Injecting all of these Veterans into jobs that they end up leaving further destabilizes the workforce and this small slice of society. So few Americans now serve in the military that it would make more sense to absorb them directly into the Federal workforce and throw everyone out of the Veteran's Administration.

What needs to happen is that the VA needs to be flushed completely free of dead wood.

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