Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is easily one of the least disappointing films of the last year or so, and raises the bar on summer action films. I saw it today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here's where the film succeeds: in dialogue alone, it is worth seeing. The action, the special effects, and the seamlessness of the visual movement of the film is state-of-the-art and rendered quite well. The film is cut to be quick, and they really took this film down to the essentials. It could have been a three hour film, without question, but it is chopped up to make it move. But it is the dialogue that makes it a film that takes the standard for summer films and raises it to a new level.

After seeing this film, and how it fits into the Marvel Universe of films (because Thor's on the way, and isn't there a Captain America film coming and then another Avengers film?), you have to wonder--what the hell are they going to do to make Star Wars better than any of these films?

Someone is going to have to work very hard to ensure that Star Wars does not come in with bad dialogue and poor plotting. The Marvel films are burying everyone right now.

And I will watch Star Trek on DVD. I'm just not that into terrorism films.

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