How is Any of This Supposed to Make Farrah Abraham Famous?

I haven't gotten around to figuring out how being young, stupid, and fully exposed is supposed to make Farrah Abraham "famous" beyond the kind of famous we now see in society. Is this supposed to be her career? Lying about making a sex tape? Selling the sex tape for what she sold it for?

The money will not last; the amount she is going to make from this deal is going to disappear quickly. Does anyone really believe that she is going to be a careful steward of her finances and pay all of the taxes owed and not end up broke in less than a year? I realize that seven or eight hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money but, when you're spending it like water, and when you see the tax bill that will arrive next year, well, good luck.

What is left for her to sell? Who's buying?

Who is going to put Abraham on television or pay her money to do anything in the future? Does she have what it takes to do what the Kardashian sisters have done and make her life an interesting enough spectacle to keep the public enthralled? She needs to marry someone more famous than she is and then ruin both of their lives in a way that maintains the interest of the general public. Then, she needs to go to jail or start her own line of fashionable clothing that can be sold out of a suitable retail outlet.

As I said before, this is going to end about as well as you would expect.

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