Hop Farm is a Bust

A number of performers in Britain are owed massive fees because Hop Farm 2012 ended up being a mismanaged financial disaster:

Hop Farm Festival was due to take place in Wood Paddock, Kent between July 5-6. Earlier this year, festival promoter Vince Power responded to reports that his Hop Farm Festival, went into administration last year owing its 2012 headliners thousands of pounds. Kent On Sunday had reported that the festival, which was run by Power's Music Festivals PLC, went under owing Peter Gabriel £100,000 and Suede £46,000. In all, they reported, the festival collapsed owing £4.8 million, including £22,648 to local police and £163,000 to the festival site, Paddock Wood.

Incredible.  And Richard Ashcroft is also out a load of cash. How many other artists have been screwed? The only way to get paid now is to play live. And it's not just the people who sing the songs--their crews, their support people--how do they get paid? 

I suppose we should just be grateful that we can download their music for free. This business model means the artists will get rich, apparently. Or something like that.

Hop Farm sounds like a bad dream. Did they forget to charge people to get it? Did someone stuff the cash into their pants and run? Whoever ran this should never be allowed to promote anything ever again.

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