Here Is What Chris Brown is Painting on His Retaining Walls

If you are a neighbor of Chris Brown, you have a lot more to worry about than whatever his friends or associates are painting on the retaining walls outside of his garage. You should think about moving if you can, or hiring extra security guards, or even sending your children away until Brown is removed from polite society.

There are few, if any, celebrities who represent a threat to public safety and Chris Brown is definitely one of them. He is a beater of women, an assaulter of other human beings, and he is rich and privileged enough to know that he can continue doing these things because he hasn't had to spend a significant amount of time in jail.

These neighbors should realize, though, that there isn't going to be any sympathy for their complaints. They are already living in a paradise few, if any, people can imagine and if their children are traumatized by images like this, I hope they are being kept away from everything on television, everything on the Internet, and that they are being educated in a drab, featureless private school with no windows somewhere.

I mean, honestly. You can see things that are far more traumatizing watching Nickelodeon than you can here.

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