George Zimmerman Has Gained 110 Pounds

Even though I think George Zimmerman is still going to get away with it, I do think it is an interesting bit of social commentary to note that he has gained 110 pounds in one year of being "in hiding."

Who forced him to go into hiding? Why does he feel like he cannot appear anywhere in public? Is this because he did something wrong?

Quite a few people sent him money to help him defend himself against the charges brought against him. Where did that money go and are there enough snacks to keep him alive for the next few months?

This is a problem Zimmerman created for himself; the conservatives who championed him are simply not going to have the intellectual honesty to blame Zimmerman for his own failings like they do everyone else; the perversion of his supporters means that they will sympathize with him (unlike the dead teenager, of course) and blame everyone else for the fact that he can't stop eating.

Physically, putting on 110 pounds is a feat equal to kings and professional actors; Zimmerman has accomplished something impressive.

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