Another Stupid Article About Independent Music

If you're going to write about "indie" music, know something about it first.

This is the stupidest set of comparisons in the article:

One of the first cases occurred in 2004 with The Pixies, an affair that not even the band members expected would still be going in 2013—until they found themselves routinely selling more tickets than ever. 2007 and 2009 brought The Jesus And Mary Chain and Blur, respectively, two groups that seemed even more settled into retirement. Both are still touring as well. 

And then in 2010, things got even hotter. First Pavement, then their Matador co-mascots Guided By Voices, then came Pulp, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the “not happening, except to drink beer” Dismemberment Plan (which has since embarked on a massive tour and upcoming album in addition to those beers). The following year brought back the “no desire to desecrate the grave” Stone Roses (which became the “only if you see me begging on the street” Stone Roses, then the “we just headlined Coachella” Stone Roses), and in 2012, the “only to get paid” Replacements.

How do you compare the reunion of a nothing emo band like Neutral Milk Hotel to that of Pulp, Blur or the Jesus and Mary Chain? Or to the Stone Roses? That's beyond stupid. That's practicing the art of being a music critic without a medical license; that's malpractice of the highest order.

Just because these bands seem like small independent artists when they tour the United States doesn't mean that's actually what they are in their native countries. The reunion of the four bands cited above resulted in massive concerts in Britain on a scale not seen by any of the indie bands they are being compared to. Blur and Pulp headlined festivals; the JAMC are a world-reknowned act. And the Roses are nothing to America because they never really played here.

Let's see how many Neutral Milk Hotel (I honestly did a WTF when I saw this article) fans show up to Glastonbury when they're the last band on the main stage on the last night.

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