Amanda Bynes Got Caught by the Fuzz

This isn't good:
Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested by police in her Midtown apartment after officers were called there for a report of a disorderly person Thursday night, law enforcement sources said. 
The doorman at Bynes' building on West 47th Streeet called police to report she was smoking marijuana in the lobby, sources said. When officers arrived, Bynes had gone back to her apartment on the 36th floor. 
When officers observed a bong inside the apartment as Bynes opened the door, she allegedly grabbed it and tossed it out of the window, sources said.
Officers observe bongs all the time. How is it that they happened to observe this one? Did they have a search warrant? There are attorneys in New York City who get people off for a hell of a lot less than this.

Why Bynes threw this one out the window is up for speculation--perhaps she felt that the cops were going to use it against her? And what sane person wouldn't throw a bong out the window if they felt that the police weren't going to listen to her explain why it wasn't her bong and that she was being framed? Honestly. Given that she seems to be suffering from anxiety, insanity, and being out of her mind, wouldn't the fact that she is using pot indicate that she's trying to calm down and feel normal?

How many frantic, paranoid, crazy people are organized enough to have a bong in their house?

I say, get this young lady a prescription and leave her the hell alone.

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