Always Kick the Poor When You Can

If you think there is any compassion or common sense in sticking it to the poor, forget it. The real goal of people like Michael Tanner is hidden in what they claim to be the causes of poverty:

And we need to create more jobs. The fact is, we still have an anti-job atmosphere. Too many taxes, too many regulations.

This is the crux of kicking the poor people as an ideology and as a proposed policy for public spending. Helping them is irrelevant; making damned certain we cut taxes and regulation is the real goal. Except for the fact that there's no evidence whatsoever that this creates jobs, you will hear this refrain again and again. If we could only ease regulations and reduce the tax burden on businesses, why, they'd start hiring right away, you see.

We tried that. It was called the Bush Administration. It led to financial ruin, deficits and long-term unemployment. It led to the worst economy in generations. It led to disaster. And that's because we de-regulated the finance industry (thanks again, President Clinton) and we reformed welfare (again, thank you for fighting hard for that, President Clinton) and then turned the country over to the crooks who ran wild with everything they could exploit or loot or destroy. We put wars on the credit card and let business slash their workforce to the bone in order to destroy their pensions and benefits. We did this to ourselves and now we're surprised that there are still people who are broke and have nothing and are permanently unemployed? I mean, WTF, over.

Ghouls like Tanner don't care about the poor., They're an easy target--they're getting money for nothing. And then you realize that there are programs that are chronically short of funds and can't help people as much as they need to be helped and that food stamps (the debit card) NEVER last until the end of the month for the working poor.No one ever talks about program shortfalls. They talk about envy and they talk about how people are getting money for nothing! And then they sneak in what they're really after--lower taxes, fewer regulations.

What a crock.

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