All Politics is Still Local

In the wake of any disaster, a Senator's principled stand against wasteful government spending and for conservative ideology is not going to give people food and shelter. Expecting people who are numbed and dazed and walking through the rubble is not the moment to start spouting off about bootstraps and government is the problem and not in my backyard.

When the Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy were counted, they were counted as Blue State voters from the Northeast, and no one should be confused about how an Oklahoma Senator feels about sending Federal aid to help people of that ilk. They bitched and screamed and voted AGAINST their fellow Americans. Now, with devastation all around, Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe have a big albatross hanging around their necks, and that albatross is the dickishness of their own hatred for anyone from a Blue State.

Ethics and values? From Inhofe and Coburn? Get the hell out of here. These two men are self-serving money machines, enriching themselves at the expense of anyone and everyone. What frauds. What crooks. What hypocrites.

As bad as I feel for the people of Oklahoma, why should anyone help them? If they want to keep sending conservative Senators to Congress, I suppose there are some who would say that we should let them suffer for their choices. In reality, no. This country is not going to turn its back on them the way their Senators turned their backs on the people in New Jersey. We don't do that.

A little self-awareness is needed here. If you voted for someone who espouses an ideology of telling people to fend for themselves, then have the decency to acknowledge that someone actually did something to try and help you. The Red Cross is already there. FEMA is on the way. People are going to get taken care of and homes are going to be rebuilt. Americans are not going to let Oklahomans starve or rot.

Maybe, just maybe, in the next election, voters in Oklahoma should think about which party sticks it to Americans in need and which party sends people to help no matter what it costs. Is that asking too much?

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