David Sedaris is the Living Embodiment of Awesomeness

Apparently, there's a whole other world out there that has been flying under the radar for years. It is the world of high school forensics, and it leans heavily on the published works of David Sedaris. At any given time, his essays are being read out loud or performed by students.

Sedaris has decided to embrace this and has included six pieces that are designed specifically to be read by forensics students. The students have responded by looking for less well-known pieces from writers who aren't as good as Sedaris. Pity the forensics student who decides to read some Bret Easton Ellis out loud.

Quality Translates Into Any Language

There is a tendency to think that a television show is so unique and special that no one else--especially someone living in a foreign country--won't get it or understand it. This is typical of modern society. We still cling to the idea that culture doesn't translate. In fact it does, and it has been translating for decades.

Lindenstrasse is the German version of the British show Coronation Street. It's hard to believe, but the ease with which they were able to adapt the show's format--a "kitchen sink drama" is what they call it--meant that it became a hit. By trading Manchester for Munich, all they did was alter the venue (Manchester for Frankfurt might have been better, but oh well). The details, the scripting, and the situations had to change, but the quality remained.

If you can tell stories well enough to stay on the air, it really doesn't matter where the show came from. Story telling is universal and transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. How hard is that to understand?