Abstract Number Three November 2012

The third painting in this series reminds me a lot of what I was doing back in June and July. If you haven't already seen those, please have a lot.

This is a different color process than version number two, but it really comes alive here in a way that I couldn't ignore. So, two and three are very closely related because they're basically the same piece.

Abstract Number Two November 2012

This reminded me of shards of glass or crystal, and I thought this scan captured what I was going for.

Abstract Number One November 2012

This month's series of abstract paintings is fashionably late. However, I hope it was worth waiting for.

Numbers one through nine will appear over the course of the next few days. I'm just going to drop them like rocks into a big, big pond.

Number one is a multi-textured piece on canvas, and the details are okay on this one. I have a little more vibrancy to this set, and I think that shows up nicely.

The Slide in Stammheim

The slide says Calw, but this was shot in Stammheim.

What a lovely memory. This is the big blue slide at the outdoor freibad, and I shot it during one of the few days we were able to swim this past summer.

Ah, Christmas in Calw. What a nostalgic thing I have going this evening.

The Swimming Pool


Monet's Water Nympheas Has Been Sold

I had the wonderful privilege to see Nympheas last spring in Stuttgart, Germany. This painting is truly a masterpiece and I think that the price reflects the influence that it has had over the years.

Monet's canvasses are truly worth seeing. Their size and scale are much larger than any print could possibly replicate.

Michael Palin's Brazil

The next interesting thing from Michael Palin? Brazil:
The series was his idea. “I really hadn’t planned to do any more journeys, but Brazil auditioned itself very well. The economy is growing fast, the World Cup is there in 2014 and the real clincher was the Olympics in 2016. It meant that a country that had never had much attention from this side of the Atlantic was in the spotlight. So we applied to the BBC for a budget.” 
Even for a man with his track record, however, there was no instant green light. “It wasn’t a given at all. I rather hoped it might be. But there are new people at the BBC, with new policies.” Still, he got the go-ahead and set off, he says, with the same spring in his step with which he embarked on his first travelogue, Around The World in 80 Days, in 1989. One thing that amazed him was the sheer size of the country: Brazil is twice as big as India. “And the distance from the Amazon to the south is like from here to Nigeria or something. We wound up telling Brazilians what other parts of their own country were like.”

In the next decade, Brazil will appear on the world stage in more than just those two ways. Aside from the World Cup and the Olympics, people are going to have to start asking serious questions about this nation, which is growing in both size and influence. In all of Latin America, is there any nation more important than Brazil?