Ovals and Circles

Yes, this one's alright I suppose. The orange effect comes from the car parked beneath this fixture.

Where Are You Going With This?

I'm not sure where she's going with this; the story seems to be about chocolate eggs and less about the marketing aspect of creating something that will deliver for the various companies that have a vested interest in profiting from the Easter bunny phenomenon.

There aren't many side stories as to the day-to-day operations of the Easter bunny. Things happen. People fall into production machinery. There are labor unions to deal with. There was one time that the Easter bunny had to deal with a trucking union strike and his solution was to hire scabs and have the striking truckers driven out of town by hired goons, also known as Pinkertons, and then charge the government a surcharge on several contracts in order to make up the difference. It was a pretty rough situation, and, when all was said and done, a couple of the guys from the union ended up wearing a wire so that the Feds could indict someone--anyone--on a racketeering charge that ended up being thrown out on appeal.

He's a rough bastard, and he doesn't mind telling you that.

Sky Backgrounds

A not-awful set of sky photos, golden rain tree in the foreground.

Wooden Trucks

Models of wooden trucks and buses and things like that, carved for manufacturing and design purposes, not for play. Photographed while stumbling through the Mercedes Benz Museum in this place called Stuttgart.

A Statue of a Stag

I think this is perched on top of a dome or something in Stuttgart.


A bench at the local pool, still wet.

Was it really over a year ago that I took this shot? We used to have a swimming freibad nearby that was a lot of fun to go visit. The summer before last was very warm and we spent a lot of time there.

Summer 2012 was a bit of a bust, however. Lots of rain, cold weather, and swimming conditions that were downright awful. I can remember going swimming and not even being able to get in the water--it was simply too cold.

On this particular day, it was probably over 80 degrees out and the water was perfect. I miss those days.

Undersea Vessel

It's a shame that the plexiglass windscreen is all torn up and difficult to see through. This Legoland sculpture is actually pretty cool.