Inside the BMW Complex

Inside the large BMW complex in Munich. There is a factory, a showroom, and a museum all largely in the same place near the old Olympic area. This is a neat place and it looks like something you'd want to play Hotwheels in.

Sky at Night

Sometimes you get some really good shots by sticking your head out of the skylight at the end of the day.

This one works because I was able to crop out a lot of stupid stuff, which is the complete and utter story of my whole frickin' life.

Stag From Above

This was shot from a suspension bridge, looking down, and I like the color and I like the details. The perspective is interesting as well.

Puffed Up and Proud

The colors work, but the bird's head sort of disappears.

A Path Through the Trees

Everyone sort of has one of these symbolic photos, but what I like about this one is that there's just enough of a curve and just enough of the distant walking path to suggest that there's something interesting ahead.