Badezentrum Sindelfingen

This is an interior shot of the massive indoor swimming complex in Sindelfingen, Germany.

There are four separate pools under a massive, sweeping roof. Very impressive place.

Cheated Out of a Summer

My customary rants are usually directed at anything other than the weather; what's the point, right?

This summer, I feel cheated.

I feel like we were cheated out of a great deal of swimming pool time. There were whole weeks where we couldn't go swimming outdoors and there were stretches that were unbearably cold followed by unbearably hot. Yes, we swam when it was hot, but couldn't when it stormed and when there was lightning.


Here's to a better summer next year. Yes, I'm early. For me, it might as well be September.

Hillside in Triberg

Something with a landscape feeling, chosen only because I think this composition works alright. Not as green as it could be, but this is from April.

What's the Story?

So, a feeble old lady ruined a 19th Century painting of Christ and we're supposed to be shocked? Paintings are vandalized, damaged and ruined all the time; a piece from the 1800s has sentimental value, but it's not like she attacked an exceptionally fine or valuable work with her amateur paints and curious choices. When I first saw the comparison, I had a hard time understanding why there is so much fuss. She clearly went off the rails and shouldn't have been allowed near the original; but the original wasn't all that great to begin with.

From the photo above on the left, someone with some skill could reproduce it and replace it; the level of detail isn't that high. It would be infinitely better than letting the version on the right survive in any form.

Storm Clouds

Parts of a Bridge


This sign roughly translates to "don't even think of going in here because all sorts of bad things will happen so you go away now" or "unauthorized access is forbidden."

Basically, when you see mean signs like this, go in anyway. It won't hurt to have a look around.

Triberg Waterfalls in Sequence

I suppose if I had had time to mess with the shutter speed, these might have turned out better.

German Street Sign

A fairly severe warning, but for your own good, sir.

Blurry Old Car

This is one of those "so awful I kind of like it" type photos that are there to be discovered. I believe I was coming down the ramp at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and snapped this photo. What would have been a throwaway and a missed opportunity turned into a "whoa" kind of moment.

Not brilliant, but who says they all have to be?

Mountain View


This bird lives at Tripsdrill.


A rather indulgent shot of water flying into the air and, eventually, coming down.