Old Bay


You cannot escape from the appeal of Old Bay seasoning. There are places in this world that won't let you leave the regionalism behind--they insist on bringing it with you.

At the King Sooper's, they have oodles of this stuff and the old fart who demanded that they stock it stopped buying it long ago. A normal human being can make one of these plastic tubs last three or four years. On the Eastern Shore, you might get through a holiday weekend with one.

There's nothing in Colorado worth seasoning. Even the dirtbags know that, when the Man brings you a burrito, you wolf it down and go back to getting high.

Colorado at Night


This was taken haphazardly with the new phone. In the middle is a planet, and I think it is Mars. Picture taken in Littleton, Colorado.

Poorly Practiced Christianity


This is what I saw in Lawrence, Kansas this past week. I was sitting at the light and I saw this crowd out protesting...something? 

Are we all supposed to be fearful and confused about something? Is this how normal people spend their day? This doesn't represent the community of Lawrence in any way, shape, or form because I got to see the rest of the town and it looked like a great place to go to college. There were people out and about, enjoying their day. They were living their lives and going about their business.

When Christianity is practiced in this manner, it poisons the well. It creates more sickness and misery. This is no way to live your life, standing in a front of a CVS on a nice day, spreading this diseased bullshit.

In other news, I guess I can take pictures with this phone now.

Sun Flare


A little sun flare, taken with my Note 20 phone. Not sure if I am ever going to figure out the camera, though.

Abstract Number One, March 2021


This is the raw scan of an abstract I did in March. Here it is with some editing and color balancing.

White Blossoms


You know, we had good weather for about a minute and then the snow, sleet, and hail hit today and I just said to hell with it.